Am I the only one who gets horny when I’m sick?

I don’t mean…when I have glandular fever or monovirus or food poisoning or something, obviously.

Just, like, the way I am now, with a cold that has laid me on the couch for the last 24 hours, stuffed up and fatigued with a fuzzy head and – OK, I know- a lot of snot.

Slightly ill. Not proper sick.

It’s definitely not stopping me feeling horny. Which is weird- you’d think that your body would shut that down so you can concentrate on getting better. Continue reading “Am I the only one who gets horny when I’m sick?”

A Christmas Eve message from Carl Rogers (and my tits)

I don’t have a lot of time to edit this. #sorrynotsorryfortypos

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but…Christmas is often a time of year where many of us return to family or have to spend a lot of time with family members.

Even when we have good relationships with our parents and siblings, this can be a little stifling and frustrating at times. Or, you know, so I hear.

For those of us who have a bit more to deal with: like, at least one parent we don’t gel with or maybe don’t like that much (yep, I said it)… family rifts, bereavements, divorce, abuse or any number of other difficult things in our family’s checkered past, the holidays can be particularly stressful and hard.

We all know this, but sometimes the positive flow of festive cheer on social media can make you feel alone if you are the only one not basking in the LOVE OF FAMILY. Continue reading “A Christmas Eve message from Carl Rogers (and my tits)”

I’m attracted to my friend. Should I tell her?

Something I’m brooding on this week. Would welcome advice!

We’ve been good friends for about six years, and I’ve always had some sort of crush on her. I’m confused, scared of ruining our friendship. Should I tell her I’m interested? 

Two women's feet in the grass
Image from Pixabay

Here’s a selection of facts in no particular order:

  • Once, maybe five years ago, she and I were drunk and thought it’d be a good idea to have a threesome with her (then) boyfriend, but he passed out. So I left them alone to sleep, and I went home. At some point in the night, she texted me to say, ‘Next time, let’s just do it without him.’ I was too scared and inexperienced to do anything except respond non-committally (I don’t remember what I said but it was probably dumb). We stayed friends and have just joked about our ‘nearly threesome’ since without really ever discussing it more deeply.
  • Continue reading “I’m attracted to my friend. Should I tell her?”

I’m not talking to my family about this blog. Yet.

Reflections on sharing my secret sex blogger persona with my family.

This weekend, I had an interesting mix of experiences that was completely new for me.

On Saturday morning, I was excited to see a spike in my blog stats, after a few lovelies picked up and shared my recent posts (including a really nice shout-out from Emmeline Peaches).

I watched in amazement and tried to interact as best I could as new readers Tweeted and commented on my posts, seemed to connect with them. Continue reading “I’m not talking to my family about this blog. Yet.”

Today’s coffee disaster had a silver lining

A little snippet from my Tuesday diary. How spontaneous erotica, inspired by the word ‘missy’, averts a  coffee-related catastrophe

This morning, I stumbled into the kitchen on autopilot, after a bad night’s sleep.

Whoah, said Jack, That top is…hot. It makes your boobs look amazing.

I looked sideways into the mirror. Yeah…it is a bit clingy for work, though. It was new office-wear I’d bought without trying on, and it was a touch smaller than I’d expected, hugging my D-cup breasts and torso tightly. I think I better put a cardigan over it, so that the lady goods are a bit less ‘in-your-face’.Jack smiles. “Nah. Flaunt them! I’m sure your boss will love it.”

We chuckle. My new boss is a middle-aged woman, with a voice like a seagull. I’m not a fan of her, and I think the feeling is mutual.

I walk over to the coffee pot, and open the lid, rubbing my eyes with one hand. Continue reading “Today’s coffee disaster had a silver lining”