Ah, there it is. My kinky side.

January has been a good month with lots to appreciate… except for, there’s been very little sex and no kink! February started with me changing that story. Here’s how that happened.

January saw me going on several beautiful walks in the countryside with good friends; some really lovely dates and evenings in with my partner; a nice session with my other partner at his place.

The first few weeks of my new job feel like they went …OK? I think. I concentrated really hard on taking it slowly and consciously and not allowing myself to run off in all directions or cave to outside pressure to DO STUFF before planning it. I think that paid off, as I now feel pretty calm and in control of what’s quite a difficult programme of work. Continue reading “Ah, there it is. My kinky side.”

My submissive identity (Part 2: My path into submission)

What kind of a submissive am I?

No two submissives are alike. Every sub needs to define her own path.

As I wrote in part 1 ‘My path into being a submissive’, it took me quite a while to learn enough about the world of kink to begin defining my own BDSM role. I still feel I have a lot to learn. I’ve been on this journey only a few years.

And I think my tastes are, also, constantly evolving as I enter into new play relationships and try new things, with new people and in new environments.

For the moment, here is what I know about my submissive identity, the kinks I have and how I like to play. Continue reading “My submissive identity (Part 2: My path into submission)”

Neighbourly solidarity

There’s a look, an arched eyebrow, that tells you she knows. The girl at number 17.

Like you, she knows what it’s like to catch your breath as you spot a shadow, twice as large as yourself, when you’re alone on the street at night. Is it a tree? Is it the reflection of the lamp-post?

No. It’s not.

They tell you you’re supposed to stand still and hold your breath. Their eyesight isn’t as good as ours.

You did as you were told. You held your breath and clenched your teeth. Continue reading “Neighbourly solidarity”

My most valuable submissive experience (and one of my biggest mistakes)

Jack and I still talk about the first time we tried a BDSM scene together. How badly it went, and what we both learned from it.

It was a turning point in the process of working out what kind of a submissive I really was, and how to communicate that to lovers.

(It kind of follows on from the post I did on becoming a submissive, but is also kind of its own story, so I haven’t called it Part 2- that’s coming real soon!) Continue reading “My most valuable submissive experience (and one of my biggest mistakes)”

Kara (or, an erotic story about watching)

I don’t really do much erotic writing, but I recently decided I would start to do more. Partly because it turns me on; partly because it helps me explore in more detail the things I like, and why I like them.  I’ve never shared any on this blog before, so here goes… 


Her hair was what first caught his eye.

Long and fair where the sun hit it, it made him stare, dumbly.

Max was still awkward and still young for his age. He didn’t have the skills to hide his overt interest in Kara, as adult and more self-possessed men could.

But when he saw her, in the street, he liked to watch her long blonde braid when it swung away from the nape of her neck. Or in the village square with the other women, when she pushed her loose hair up with her hands, and it revealed the darker, more delicate streaks underneath.

woman with long braid back view

He always watched her, not the others. This summer, he had watched her more often than ever before.

It was a hot summer, and one that changed his life. Continue reading “Kara (or, an erotic story about watching)”