Goals for 2019: An MMF threesome, compersion, and more

Here are some vague goals I’m developing around sex, kink and polyamory for 2019. After a pretty intense year in 2018,  and what with starting a new full-time job this year, I probably need to expect a bit less of myself in 2019, and just aim for goals that are relatively achievable!

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I’m attracted to my friend. Should I tell her?

Something I’m brooding on this week. Would welcome advice!

We’ve been good friends for about six years, and I’ve always had some sort of crush on her. I’m confused, scared of ruining our friendship. Should I tell her I’m interested? 

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Here’s a selection of facts in no particular order:

  • Once, maybe five years ago, she and I were drunk and thought it’d be a good idea to have a threesome with her (then) boyfriend, but he passed out. So I left them alone to sleep, and I went home. At some point in the night, she texted me to say, ‘Next time, let’s just do it without him.’ I was too scared and inexperienced to do anything except respond non-committally (I don’t remember what I said but it was probably dumb). We stayed friends and have just joked about our ‘nearly threesome’ since without really ever discussing it more deeply.
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The memories I’ll keep, from my MFF threesome

So, on Monday I finally had my first MFF threesome, with the sexy couple I’ve been talking to (here’s the first post about them). We’ll call them B (the woman) and J (the man).

As you know from my last and very incoherent post, it was a really hot night. But it might not have turned out that way!

I have to admit, I got more nervous as the night approached.

It wasn’t a negative nervous feeling. More excitement nerves. We had been on one date together, talked a bit via text about boundaries and what we wanted out of the situation.

So I wasn’t SUPER anxious about things going wrong. I felt quite comfortable with them and trusted that it wasn’t going to be a disaster.

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A major flirting fail… but still got a woman’s number!

I am really, really bad at flirting with women.

I am even worse at actually making anything happen with a woman that I like.

When it comes to flirting with women, at sex parties, on dates, in clubs, anywhere really.  I just … SUCK. (On top of the social anxiety I have at sex parties anyway.)

I get tongue tied. I get completely into my head and second-guess myself the entire time. I have zero confidence. It’s as if I’m a 15 year old, who is scared of her first kiss, and avoids people’s eyes at the school dance.

Even at a sex positive party, as I was at the weekend.

Somewhere where the atmosphere is explicitly accepting of queer people and those all across the gender spectrum (as it was at this particular party). Somewhere where there is zero judgment or stigma, around women hitting on women (or anyone else for that matter). Continue reading “A major flirting fail… but still got a woman’s number!”

Could this be my first FFM threesome?

I mentioned in a previous post that I was interested in looking for a threesome. Specifically, an FFM threesome.

I’ve had a threesome with two men before (a few years ago). It was hella hot! But I’ve never really had an FFM. And, I have always wanted one.

Well, Jack (my anchor partner) has, after giving it some thought, said he’s happy for me to go ahead and make it happen.

And I have been putting myself out there on Feeld, without really having high expectations. I’ve used the app before, and never found anyone particularly worth talking to.


I’ve started talking to a M/F couple, and I really like them!

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