There’s a French word that means “natural vaginal lubricant”- let’s steal it

The word is ‘cyprine’. I want to propose that we all use it!

Sure, we’d need to borrow it from French. But if it works for restaurant, critique, and RSVP, then I think we should make it work for cyprine. Continue reading “There’s a French word that means “natural vaginal lubricant”- let’s steal it”

In praise of my large labia

A post about how normal large labia are, and how I’m still learning to love my own labia.

I’ve noticed myself mentally giving myself a hard time for how my vulva appears lately and I wanted to redress the balance by writing a post about it. I want to start the new year loving and appreciating my body, after a 2018 where I overcame a lot of anxiety and fear around sex.

Pink, blue and white rose with drops of dew on blue background
Image from Pixabay

I have always had a bit of insecurity around my large labia minora, which are ‘outies’ and protrude slightly from my labia majora. I always thought they looked kind of messy and unsightly. Continue reading “In praise of my large labia”

A reflection: ten things I am proud of in 2018 around sex, kink, polyamory

Happy new year, everyone.

Sorry for the lateness of this reflection post, I know you’re supposed to do them in December. Well, I guess I’m not sorry. Just acknowledging that it’s late!

I have spent the Christmas season pretty unplugged, trying to stay off social media. Connecting with my friends and my loved ones, as best I can, while trying not to get sucked in too much to the whirlpool of parties and drinking. Continue reading “A reflection: ten things I am proud of in 2018 around sex, kink, polyamory”

Under the Christmas tree

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and have fun New Years plans! This is a little erotic Christmas memory I’ve been daydreaming over. Thought I’d share.

His hands move up my sides and clutch at my breast as he kisses. me deeply. My nipples are thrumming, in the slight chill of the living room, and with the need to be touched.

He pinches.


Our tongues writhe around each other. We are eating each other like peaches. I want him so badly. My Daddy. Continue reading “Under the Christmas tree”

A Christmas Eve message from Carl Rogers (and my tits)

I don’t have a lot of time to edit this. #sorrynotsorryfortypos

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but…Christmas is often a time of year where many of us return to family or have to spend a lot of time with family members.

Even when we have good relationships with our parents and siblings, this can be a little stifling and frustrating at times. Or, you know, so I hear.

For those of us who have a bit more to deal with: like, at least one parent we don’t gel with or maybe don’t like that much (yep, I said it)… family rifts, bereavements, divorce, abuse or any number of other difficult things in our family’s checkered past, the holidays can be particularly stressful and hard.

We all know this, but sometimes the positive flow of festive cheer on social media can make you feel alone if you are the only one not basking in the LOVE OF FAMILY. Continue reading “A Christmas Eve message from Carl Rogers (and my tits)”