How do you teach someone to touch you the way you like?

Last night Jack and I and another good friend of ours, Helen, went to a tantra workshop focused on touch.

I wanted to quickly share the experience.

It focused on honouring your own boundaries around touch, with yourself, and also in interaction with others.

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Open vs closed

“Can we talk about this sex party we’re going to in a couple of weeks?” I said to my partner. “I’m kind of anxious about some things.”

My anxiety spanned a whole range of things. I could feel them scampering about in my brain like prickly little beetles:

how I might feel, all the possible reactions I might have to untold scenarios involving people we haven’t met yet,

imaginary disasters, like coming on my period suddenly or overdosing on a random dose of a drug I wasn’t even going to plan on taking.

Awkward moments. Flip outs, panic attacks, trauma triggers. Seeing an ex. Being left alone.

My partner stopped me.

“I feel like this always happens before a party. You always want to talk about everything that could go wrong. It makes me so anxious I don’t want to go… To be honest, it kind of ruins it for me a bit.”

I stared at him, a bit crestfallen. He doesn’t want to listen to my anxieties?

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Maybe it’s ok to not have sex at a sex party

I sat on a bar stool, my blonde, hair-sprayed hair falling into my eyes, feeling slightly swimmy from my fourth gin and tonic.

The lights were dim. Cabaret music swirled, and flashes of nipples, sequins, and chest hair were intermittently visible when I glanced up through my mascara-ed eyelashes.

Colourful tinsel

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For #SinfulSunday… a sparkly dress. Now where to wear it?

Not only is this my first Sinful Sunday, it’s also the first explicit picture I’ve taken for this blog. I’m nervous about showing this part of my body, so please be kind.

curious mermaid in a blue and gold sparkly dress
curious mermaid in a blue and gold sparkly dress

When tidying today (inspired by Marie Kondo), I found this beautiful mermaidy sparkly dress under my bed.  I’ve never even worn it!

Something about this dress got me really horny. It hugs my curves. It feels soft and sensual where it touches me.

Before I knew it, a Sinful Sunday snap was happening. It’s not all that creative, but I did have fun taking it.

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